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About Dr. Michael Kaye

Meet Your Instructor, Expert in Functional Medicine and Gut Health

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Kaye. I am the father of two grown children, husband, friend, chiropractor, Primal Health Coach, exercise lover, nutrition nut (my wife will attest to this), author, book and podcast junkie, dog lover and I have been helping patients since 1988 create healthier lives.

Like many of my patients, I was overweight at one time. In fact, my nickname was “Pads.” Imagine being overweight and wearing black-framed glasses just as you start junior high. I am sure you can imagine it was NOT a magical time for me. However, by the end of 9th grade I started on my nutrition quest. Even back then, people were disagreeing with one another on what diet was best for losing weight. No one was really talking about living a healthy life by eating right, moving right and living right. Even the traditional allopathic doctors were not on board about the role that nutrition plays in the health of one’s life. I watched family members suffer with diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and watched my parents wither away from cancer.

I knew there had to be a different way of providing care. What if there was more than one way to treat a patient? What if treating a patient requires more than just a “pill for every ill?” This thought process, combined with my family and personal history has created my motivation to develop The Center for Functional Health. This is what has driven me for years to continue to further my education, to bring the latest in lab testing, nutrition and lifestyle changes to my patients. In today’s world we have information overload, not always the correct information and it’s too hard to decipher who is telling us the truth. Many of my patients feel they are herded in and out of the doctor’s office (be that an MD, DO, DC, PT) and NOT heard. Many patients are frustrated (as was I) in being told how to eat, what vitamins and medicines to take and what exercise to do, all the while still NOT feeling any better.

In fact, some of my patients feel awful, although they are doing the “right things.” The most common complaint I hear is, “All my blood work is normal, I am exercising, I think I eat pretty well, I take vitamins and supplements and I still feel like crap!” At the Center for Functional Health, we dig deeper into your complaints to determine the root cause; to find out why you are feeling fatigue and low energy; why you have muscle and joint pain, brain fog and memory issues, why you can’t seem to lose weight regardless of exercise and dieting and why you just feel worn out. The solution isn’t one medication, one vitamin, one diet or one type of exercise. It may take more than one type of doctor to help you. It may take a team with a star player (that’s you), great coach (the doctor), manager (another doc, think 2nd opinion and co-management), fans (family and friends), and administrators (the front office).


My mission at The Center for Functional Health is to guide you to be in the best health you can be, to enjoy the freedom to spend quality time with your family and friends and to pursue life on your terms without health restrictions. The Center for Functional Health will enable patients to exponentially improve their health through the use of technology such as advanced functional lab testing and clinical examination; education and personalized attention. With the patient and their primary care physician acting as part of the team, The Center for Functional Health will create the setting for transformational growth towards optimal healthy living.

Meet Our Support Team

Frances Kaye

Nice to Meet you! I’m Frances Kaye, your Community Liaison. It’s my pleasure to help you with the day to day implementation of our programs. 

What Our Participants Have To Say

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Kaye. After seeing so many Practitioners for my gut health, I thought that there was no solution to my issues. I have been told to just live with my symptoms or take a magic pill to make them go away. I am in my twenties and being on medicine is not the solution I want. Dr. Kaye's whole body approach has been wonderful for my continuing gut healing journey. He takes the time to listen to you and uses the root cause approach and then supports it through diet, exercise and supplements. He supports you the whole way, with weekly calls. I highly recommend Dr. Kaye to teach you about a lifetime of health and finally heal your symptoms!
I have found Dr. Kaye to be a great blessing on my journey to better health. His approach to wellness is based on finding the root cause of your illness and then supporting the healing process through diet, exercise, supplements etc. He not only listens but I believe genuinely cares about his patients. If you are similar to me and have been through the quick fix and symptom masking pills 💊 of modern medicine and still not well. Give Dr. Kaye a chance to help you. You will not be disappointed!
Dr. Kaye is incredibly kind and always goes the extra mile in all aspects. He was there to support me whenever I needed it as well. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped me resolve a lot of my health issues, especially my gut issues. I highly recommend him if you are ready to improve your quality of life.
Several years ago, my primary physician recommended Dr. Kaye for a problem I was having. I've been back for various ailments over the years; each of which is met with a focused approach resulting in the desired result. Add in great conversation and a genuine caring attitude - truly a winning combination. I have recommended him many times to my friends.